Saturday Fun with Chris & Sebi

When you have a family – most days can appear to start out the same way. Wake up, get ready, eat, ect. But if you look a little closer and slow down a bit – you’ll see how each day is so different. The most subtle things can make the biggest difference. One of the things I love most about being a father is watching my son’s do something new. It’s the proudest feeling in the world. We started the day just hanging out – Sebi is such a good big brother, he always wants to come by Christian and give him a kiss and hold his hand. Sometimes he gets frustrated because Chris (Christian) won’t hold his hand – but what can you do.

01 brothers at home playing family photography02 infant awake bartlett family photographer03 infant in swing sleeping chicago family photographer

Later we went out side for some grass cutting and Frisbee…Sebi is wicked good at throwing a Frisbee – WOOT!

04 outside sitting on chair05 throwing a frisbee during family photography06 black and white portrait of 3 year old chicago family photogrpaher

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