Downtown Chicago Engagement Photos // Kelly + Charlie

I love exploring Chicago during engagement sessions. My plans for engagement sessions usually consist of a meeting spot and that’s it – for me, all the fun is in exploring and finding new hidden spaces. Sometimes I have my couples sit or even lay down. Some of my favorite and best photos happen in the oddest places and usually during a “oh, let’s check that out” moment. This was no exception with Kelly and Charlie, a really great couple who met online. We walked around the West Loop then headed towards Michigan Avenue and even dropped by Asado Coffee in the Loop.

The other aspect I love is getting to know my couples. Talking about how they met, where they work, what they do and finding common ground based on all those things. This, for me, is what creates the connection we can then exploit on their wedding day. So when I arrive, they see me as a friend and let their guard down. That connection is key and I get to make friends – which is never a bad thing!

I’m pretty pumped to shoot their wedding next month! Cheers!



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