Amelia’s Baptism // Baptism and Event Photography

01 baptism dress02 baptism necklace in oakbrook03 baptism shoes04 girls bow for baptism05 getting ready in oakbrook06 dad dressing son07 baptism flowers for oak brook baptism08 flowers for baptism09 baby sleeping before baptism in oakbrook illinois10 father getting ready for baptism11 mom getting ready for baptism12 washing hair the right way13 baptism gift14 baptism necklace15 outfit for baptism16 getting ready in oakbrook17 oakbrook illinois baptism photographer18 tieing bow on baby outfit19 putting on hat20 baby sticking tongue out21 smily baby before baptism22 tilt shift church23 priest talking during baptism in oak brook illinois24 baptism photographer24-1 baby waiting for baptism in oakbrook illinois26 holy water27 baptism photographer in oak brook illinois28 godparents with baby29 godfather lighting candle30 boys at the alter31 boys at the alter being silly32 climbing a tree33 family portrait after baptism

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