Best Locations to Get Engaged in Chicago

Any Chicago wedding photographer will tell you that Chicago is an amazing city. It has so much to offer in terms of food, entertainment and culture. However, Chicago does not have these grand and epic mountains you might see in some wedding and engagement photos. So it can be a bit stressful picking a spot to propose (especially if you’re from out of town).

Having photographed more than my fair share of proposals and engagements, I’m going to give you a list that I feel is a bit more true to Chicago so I’m going to stay away from the very touristy spots like the Bean or Navy Pier. Here’s the list:

North Avenue Beach

North Avenue Beach has THE most epic view of the Chicago skyline. Compared to some other lakefront locations, it’s the closest distance to the skyline and it’s incredibly iconic. Depending on time of day and time of year, this spot can be pretty empty, giving you the perfect opportunity to pop the question without a lot of crowds around. Here’s the map.

04 about to propose in chicago - Best Locations to Get Engaged in Chicago

The Adler Planetarium

The Planetarium is located on the south side of the skyline, making it a bit further away but still pretty awesome. There’s usually plenty of people walking around so you have to be aware of the time you plan to propose. I recommend scouting the area in advance if you’re able to during a similar time of day to get a sense of how crowded it is.

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Hugh Lurie Garden

This garden is located just south of Millennium Park right in the hard of Downtown Chicago. Parking is pretty available with underground garages and you’ll maybe find some spots open on Columbus Drive. I like this spot a lot more than, let’s say, the Chicago Bean because it’s a lot less touristy. At the Bean, people tend to gather and stand around for a while. At the garden, people stroll along and move on fairly quickly – so if you don’t like crowds, this might be a great spot for you.

04 man proposing at lurie garden - Best Locations to Get Engaged in Chicago

South Pond Bridge in Lincoln Park Zoo

I see A LOT of people getting engaged here and it’s a great spot because it has a really nice view of Chicago with a great amount of greenery around. I always do a short photo session for my couples after the proposal so this is a nice spot because of the versatility.

01 black and white chicago engagement portraits - Best Locations to Get Engaged in Chicago

Almost Any Rooftop Restaurant

Chicago has tons of amazing rooftop restaurants. The trick here is weather and availability. If you’re planning to propose on a rooftop and it rains, you better have a plan B. Also call the restaurant and make sure you reserve nice spot to pop the question unless you want to do it with a packed house.

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I’ll probably add on and change this list over time but for now, these are my recommendations! Hope they were at least a little helpful!

If you’re planning on proposing, contact me to make sure I am there to capture it! Check out some of the proposals and engagements I’ve photographed!

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