Family Session Dos and Don’ts

Often times families ask me for advice on what to wear for a family photo session, so I thought putting this post together would be a good idea.

  • Coordinate colors – avoid extreme colors, prints and logos on your clothing.
  • My no-no’s are cotton t-shirts or any cotton outfit if its’ colors are washed out. Any lint or fuzz on it – please leave it at home.
  • Make sure you clearly decide whether you want formal, casual, or somewhere in between. Choosing solid colors and sticking to fairly neutral styles will ensure everyone looks their best, and lets the me capture your personalities, not just your dress sense.
  • If you have two or more children, DO NOT DRESS THEM THE SAME
  • During the session, I’ll do my best to keep you from tilting your heads into each other but it’s something to keep in mind.  There is always the lovey-dovey pose, but that’s not what I’m talking about here.
  • It’s essential to be 100% honest with me in regards to what you want from the portraits. Waiting until you get the photos back to voice your concerns will leave you with a disappointing experience. I’m a professional and will have a whole range of ideas to help you get the perfect portrait, but if there is anything in particular you’d love to include then make sure you let me know from the beginning.

( if you’re really stumped on what to wear – go to Nordstroms, have a personal shopper pick out some outfits for you and your family, buy them and return them after the shoot – LOTS of people do this and it ensures that you look fashionable and season appropriate. )

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