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Recently I photographed a gorgeous wedding out of state. Everything went off without any problems, which is odd, usually things go wrong or are forgotten at weddings due to the hustle and bustle of the day. We breezed through the ceremony and family formals at the alter. Then it came time for bridal party photos.

Well, this was a Sunday wedding and it rained on Saturday so the ground was a bit soggy. With the bride’s first step off of the pavement onto the grass, her heels started sinking. So did the bridesmaids’ heals. We ended up shooting the majority of the photos on the edge of the blacktop bordering the grass. Though the bride loved her photos and they did come out pretty awesome, if I do say so myself, but I felt that we were somewhat limited because of the bridal party’s reluctance (which I totally understand – that’s why I didn’t push it) to walk on the grass.

wedding tips from peter gubernat bring a pair of flats - Flats, a brides (good) friend - Chicago Wedding Photography

Thinking back, I wish the bride and bridesmaids had brought some flats to walk around in. It’s very rare that I photograph anyone’s feet, especially if they are under a dress. Wearing flats in this situation would have given us the freedom to be more creative.

Brides, do yourself a favor and bring a pair of flats on your wedding day for yourself and your bridesmaids. Not only will you be better prepared for heel-unfriendly surfaces, your feet will appreciate the break.

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