Chicago Wedding Photographer Armour House Wedding // Annie + Scott

There’s a reason Annie and Scott had their wedding at the Armour House in Lake Forest. Because it’s an absolutely gorgeous wedding venue. Everything from the stairwells to the gardens is just perfect. It smells of mahogany and leather bound books! The place has history, and you feel it when you’re there.

I had never shot a wedding at the Armour House so I was very excited to explore the grounds during various parts of the day. Annie and Scott structured their day in a way which gave us plenty of time for bride and groom portraits. Luck smiled us on and we had some beautiful clouds roll through and then a killer sunset – wow! Annie and Scott are the perfect couple because they put complete trust in me which gives me the freedom to be creative with their portraits and tell an amazing story of the day. This is the kind of collaboration I ask for of all my couples! This is what it takes to create amazing photos.

Annie and Scott, thank you – you both rock!

It was a really great day, full of laughter and fun memories. I hope you enjoy viewing these photos from their wedding at the Armour House in Lake Forest – we had a blast creating them!

01 armour house wedding.jpg02 armour house in lake forest.jpg03 armour house weddings.jpg06 bridesmaids.jpg07 bridesmaids getting the dress.jpg08 armour house wedding dress.jpg04 armour house wedding details.jpg05-1 wedding details.jpg10 groom details.jpg09 wedding shoes.jpg11 bride makeup at armour house.jpg12 bride and her mom at armour house.jpg13 armour house wedding dressing.jpg16 bride portraits at armour house.jpg14 groom getting ready.jpg17 groom at armour house.jpg15 groom and his dad.jpg18 storytelling wedding at armour house.jpg20 first look at armour house lake forest.jpg19 first look at armour house.jpg21 first look at armour house best.jpg22 best photos at armour house.jpg23 intimate moments at armour house.jpg24 bridal party photos at armour house wedding.jpg26 armour house wedding photos.jpg25 armour house wedding bridal photos.jpg28 bride at armour house wedding.jpg27 bridal party photography at armour house wedding.jpg29 bridal photos with bridal party.jpg40 armour house wedding photography.jpg39 armour house wedding photos.jpg30 church.jpg32 church in lake forest details.jpg31 church in lake forest.jpg33 lake forest ceremony.jpg34 kid waiting.jpg35 bride and her father.jpg36 creative wedding photos.jpg37 black and white church wedding photography.jpg38 best wedding photos in church.jpg55 armour house wedding details.jpg58 best armour house wedding details.jpg57 lake forest wedding.jpg56 armour hosue wedding.jpg46 armour house wedding photography.jpg42 armour house wedding photographers.jpg44 best chicago wedding photos.jpg45 black and white photos at armour house.jpg41 armour house wedding pics.jpg43 chicago wedding photographer.jpg48 inspirational armour house wedding photos.jpg47 best armour house wedding photos.jpg29-1 groom at armour house.jpg49 armour hosue wedding inspo.jpg51 awesome armour house wedding photos.jpg52 chicago wedding photos.jpg50 armour house wedding photography best.jpg59 armour house bride groom.jpg60 toasts at armour house.jpg62 cake.jpg61 reactions.jpg52 lake forest wedding photos at sunset.jpg54 sunset wedding photos.jpg65 bride dancing with father.jpg67 cornell wedding photo.jpg69 armour house wedding reception photos.jpg63 first dance.jpg64 first dance at armour house.jpg66 fun at reception.jpg71 armour house wedding reception pics.jpg68 wedding reception photos at armour house.jpg70 best armour house wedding reception photography.jpg73 epic armour house wedding reception.jpg77 best wedding reception photos.jpg80 party at armour house.jpg72 fun armour house wedding.jpg74 armour house wedding.jpg75 wedding reception.jpg76 chicago wedding reception photography.jpg78 selfie on the dancefloor.jpg81 fun.jpg79 black and white reception photos.jpg82 funny.jpg83 reception end of night.jpg

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