Downtown Chicago Wedding Photos // Sarah + Phil

01 groom prep photos02 bridal shoes and dress04 groomsmen toast06-bride-dress-at-hotel07 best wedding photos in chicago10 bridal bouquet11 bride ready for ceremony in chicago09 creative groomsmen photos15 holy name cathedral in chciago16 holy name cathedral ceiling17-walking-down-the-isle19 walking with parens down the isle20 best chicago wedding photography in churches21 married at last in chicago22 coming out of holy name cathedral23 bridal potraits in chicago24 chicago bridal photos26 promontory point photos28 black and white photos in chicago29 best wedding photographer in chicago30 black and white portrait of bride in chicago31 bride and groom walking in chicago32 best chicago wedding photos33 best chicago wedding photographer35 bride and groom first dance in chicago wedding36-first-dance-black-and-white38 best reception photos in chicago39 fun reception photos in chicago wedding40 best reception photography

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