Gintare + AJ // Chicago Wedding Photography

Gintare + AJ are incredibly fun. For their engagement session they were smashing giant snow balls on each other’s heads, check it out if you haven’t already. They tied the knot at the historic Henry Jacob Mansion in Joliet, about 40 miles outside of Chicago. This place had history oozing out of every nook and cranny. An amazing place to have their wedding. Not only that, but it fit Gintare and AJ’s personality very well. Gintare has a Lithuanian heritage and we observed some incredible Lithuanian traditions. AJ playes in a polka band so you better believe it when I tell you when AJ and his brother got on the drums and bass. Though they don’t necessarily know what they are singing – since it’s mostly in Polish – they still sounded epic – and a great time was had by all! Enjoy the photos and cheers!!

!01 brides house02 details at brides house03 black and white bride portrait during makeup04 wedding details05 wedding pearls06 bride getting ready07 bride and sister being silly08 getting ready09 playing wiffleball10 team mates11 groom tie details12 black and white portraits13 reflection14 jacob henry mansion details16 jacob henry vertical17 jacob henry mansion in joliet18 indoors at jacob henry19 jacob henry clock21 black and white jacob henry mansion22 awesome jacob henry mansion in joliet24 church25 bride reading letter26 black and white chicago wedding photographer27 first look28 black and white first look29 bridal party bridemaids30 bridal party groomsmen31 black and white bridal party portraits32 bridemaids33 picking up groom34 full bridal party35 groom waiting36 bride walking down the isle37 church singing38 creative wedding photography39 first kiss40 church wedding41 bride and groom married42 black and white married43 bridal portraits44 black and white wedding photos45 wedding photography in chicago46 best wedding photos47 best wedding photographer48 chicago wedding photographer49 chicago wedding photography50 lituanian ritual51 awesome grandma52 bride and groom enterance53 bride and groom cell phone photo54 speeches55 bride and groom happy56 hugs57 awesome wall58 lituanian enterance59 lituanian dance60 first dance61 first dance in color62 bride and father dance63 groom and mother dance64 dancing at reception65 crazy uncles66 the bar at jacob henry mansion67 wedding dancing68 black and white wedding photos69 best wedding dancing70 funky dance71 bride portrait at bar72 best clothing ever73 groom on the drums and bass74 groom and brother play polka75 a mans man76 pretend fight at wedding77 bride and groom having fun at wedding78 doing the ymca79 bridal portraits at night

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