Jay + Callie // Downtown Chicago Wedding Photographer

Callie and Jay had their amazing wedding at the Thompson Hotel in Chicago. Lots of personalization and unique touches – from the backdrop of their ceremony to the invites. There’s something to be said for the way Callie and Jay fit together, and it comes through in the photos. They have an incredible connection! Here are some of my absolute favorite photos from their wedding and I think they tell an incredible story. Cheers & Congrats!

01 chicago streets01-1 wedding invites02 art on a wall03 hanging wedding dress04 wedding rings05 tailor06 groom with business card07 cool sign08 bridal makeup09 groom getting ready10 black and white groom getting ready11 chicago landscape12 groom reading letter from bride13 bridesmaids laughing14 moms looking as bride gets her makeup done15 groom outside of hotel16 groom and groosmen portrait17 bride putting dress on18 wedding dress being zipped up19 ready bride20 first look approaching21 first look in black and white22 happy couple23 black and white bride portrait24 tilt shift bridal party photos25 bridal party at honey comb in chicago26 black and white groosmen being silly27 chicago bridal portraits28 best chicago wedding photographer29 ceremony decoration30 groom with parents31 ring barer at wedding32 bride walking down the isle33 bride at her wedding34 laughter at the alter35 black and white alter photo36 ceremony wedding37 bride on the microphone durinv vows38 putting on rings at wedding39 first kiss40 recession in black and white41 recession in color42 small details43 black and white wedding portraits44 amazing bride and groom portraits45 funny photos at reception46 tearful and funny speeches47 cool tea at wedding48 kid riding on shoulders49 fun speeches50 college hats on bride and groom51 pointing to camera52 first dance at their wedding53 awesome reception54 bridesmaid having fun55 people dancing at reception56 fun dance for the bride57 this big58 cool beer bottles59 kid doing kung fu at reception60 fun drinking at reception61 watch me dance62 awesome moments at wedding63 bride and groom holding and dancing64 composite of dancing at reception65 groom singing and dancing66 tirller dance

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