Medinah Country Club Wedding Photos // Courtney + Tim

Courtney and Tim are great, and so was their Medinah Country Club wedding. It was outdoors and the staff at Medinah did a wonderful job with the ceremony space and absolutely killed it with the reception space. Check it out! They were both a bit anxious as they were getting ready – understandably so, they were about to be married to their own best friend. Once we did the first look all the anxiety went away, all that was left was to walk down the aisle and party.

Their ceremony was right on the Medinah Country Club grounds and it was super sweet – they exchanged their own vows which made everything that much more special. For their portraits we explored the Madinah grounds a bit. It was wonderful, everything was wonderful!

Remember how I said Courtney and Tim are great, well they are – Tim has this wonderful dry sense of humor which makes Courtney crack up all the time – they were both laughing their asses off during the ceremony. Courtney has a grin on her face all the time, usually because she knows Tim is up to something, ha! They’re both amazing people and it was really great to be a part of their wedding day.

Weddings are special in that only a limited amount of people are able to witness the event. Imagine all the people you’ll ever meet in your life. Out of all those only 200 (or 100, 300, whatever) will be at your wedding – for me that’s part of the reason I love wedding photography. It’s a fleeting moment – and that by itself, makes it special. Anyway….

Enjoy some photos from Courtney and Tim’s amazing wedding at Medinah Country Club!!

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