Sam + Jason // Chicago Wedding Photographer

01 bride in hotel in rosemont illinois02 bridal shoes and flowers03 creative lighting bridal flowers04 bride in rosemont illinois06 bride reading a note07 groom getting ready in rosemont08 grooms note is ready09 creative photo of groom10 groom black and white11 groom waiting for bride12 letter exchange in rosemont hotel13 reading letters14 reading letters in hotel15 groom waiting for bride16 first look of bride and groom in rosemont17 creative bridal portrait18 bride and groom outside portrait19 bride and her flowers20 bride and groom portrait outdoors21 groom and bridesmaids22 bride and bridesmaids23 bride and groom kissing by train in chicago24 bride and groom in chicago25 small details26 fan and lights27 reserved28 black and white kids playing29 groom waiting for bride at the alter in chicago30 bride coming down the isle31 ceremony in chicago32 wedding in chicago33 parents of bride and groom34 happy guests35 cell phone36 exchange rings during wedding37 first kiss at ceremony37 happy bride in chicago wedding38 first kiss closeup39 newly weds in chicago wedding40 married couple coming back41 couple giving a speech42 first dance during reception in chicago43 speech by groomsman44 speech composite during chicago wedding45 happy couple listening46 creative photo of groomsmen giving a speech47 toasts48 groom getting down49 black and white of girl sticking her tongue out50 groom dancing51 bride dancing52 chicago wedding photography

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