engagement on the beach in chicago

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Beach Shots:

engagement on the beach in chicago

01 creative portrait on north avenue beach
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12 chicago engagement portraits on the beach

13 walking on the beach in chicago illinois

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02 couple in love on the beach

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Lincoln Park:
09 walking along lincoln park zoo

Chicago Wedding & Engagement Photography of Amy and Pat at Lincoln Park Zoo

01 couple walking through lincoln park zoo in chicago10-portraits-in-lincoln-parkartistic engagement session

artistic sitting portrait

creative light flare photo

Chicago Sunrise Engagement Session

smiling couples portrait in a tunnel

10 ring on flower in chicago


13 honeycomb during chicago enegagment session

12 details in lincoln park zoo

16 photo on north avenue bridge


10 couple cudding on lincoln park bridge chicago engagement


Wedding portraits are one of the most important aspects of your wedding day. I want you to look elegant, lovely, regal and loved. We'll capture all this in a non-cheesy or boring way.