Chicago Engagement Photos // Lauren + Ben

Chicago Engagement Photography Portfolio

I’m blogging this session almost a year late for a few reasons. One is that Lauren and Ben are getting married in a few weeks and two, I simply didn’t have time last year with everything that was going on. Lastly, I miss the summer so much – I feel like the Chicago winters are sooooooooo long. They’re like GoT winters….

Let’s talk about this session – I met Lauren and Ben for the first time at Soho during a consult meeting, right away we clicked and had some drinks. Connecting with couples is one of the most important things for me because this is begins to build trust and allows me to get as close to them as I need to on the wedding day to tell the right story.

I had a blast with Ben and Lauren on their engagement session – we did a sunrise session in Chicago and the results are epic. You just can’t beat that light in the early morning, the other thing you can’t beat is the lack of people. Only a few souls are out and about at that time. We explored a few areas around Chicago and chatted about their lives and my life and laughed a lot – they’re very silly and fun to hang out with.

I am genuinely excited about photographing their wedding in Indianapolis in a few short weeks. Not only do I get to explore Indy which I’ve never photographed in but handing out with these humans is always a fun time.

Enjoy some of my fav photos from their engagement session in Chicago! cheers!


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