Chicago engagement photos by Peter Gubernat | Geraldine + Jose 05

Geraldine + Jose // Proposing in Chicago

Chicago Engagement Photography Portfolio

Jose hired me a few weeks ago to help photograph and plan his proposal to his amazing girlfriend, while he was visiting Chicago from Peru. We talked about a few possible locations and settled on North Avenue Beach. Geraldine loves photography, fall and Chicago so North Avenue Beach was the perfect fit. The plans were set.

When we met, they told me they had never been to this location and were impressed with the way the skyline looked. We walked around and took a few photos to ensure Geraldine didn’t suspect anything. It’s not every day someone hires a photographer to take photos, unless they are engaged or getting engaged. Geraldine didn’t suspect anything as we snapped a few photos here and there.
01-walking-on-north-avenue-beach 02-beach-skyline-chicago-photos 03-engaged-in-chicago 04-about-to-propose-in-chicago

She had no idea what was about to happen.


and BAM! THIS is the moment their lives changed forever. THIS is the moment the lives of their friends and family were changed. When they look back at their lives in 40, 50, 60+ years, they will be able to trace everything back to THIS moment. This one single choice…of wanting to be together. Congratulations to Geraldine and Jose!

06-best-place-to-propose-in-chicago 07-chicago-skyline 08-putting-the-ring-on-in-chicago 09-black-and-white-engaged 09-happy-couple-engaged-in-chicago 10-engagement-photos-in-chicago 11-engagement-ring-in-chicago 12-couple-together 13-lincoln-park-engagement-photos 14-walking-in-lincoln-park 15-black-and-white-engagement-photos 16-lincoln-park-hugs 17-cab-rides 18-chicago-bridge-engagement-photos 19-chicago-riverwalk-engagement-photos 20-creative-engagement-photos-in-chicago-riverwalk

Oh, did I mention Geraldine will one day be president of Peru and Jose will soon bring an amazing Peruvian Sushi restaurant to Chicago!! (these are just some of the plans we laid out as we took photos!)


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