Chicago Illuminating Company Wedding // Samantha + Jeremy


July 6, 2019

Let me start this by saying that Jeremy is an incredible photographer, he goes by the handle certainDepth on insta. Be sure to check out his work! He’s also an actor & Sam is a singer, she’s absolutely amazing.

If there were any two people who I’m glad that met and married, it’s them. They are such a perfect match. Jeremy is well spoken, funny and very caring. He has this wonderful demeanor about him where you can talk to him for hours and feel like only minutes have gone by. Samantha is funny, graceful and incredibly witty. They get along really well and have an absolutely wonderful chemistry. I love that. I love them.

Their wedding took place at Chicago Illuminating Company and it was super intimate and emotional – there were moments where I was getting choked up – that doesn’t happen often. But the ceremony was just that special. After the party got started, everyone was on the dancefloor tearing it up. It was a blast.

I hope nothing but the best for these two special and wonderful people. Here’s a few favs from their wedding day. Cheers!


I consider Jeremy a good friend – I wanted to give them a little gift and since there was no video at their wedding, I created a little video for them while photographing their wedding. Check it out!


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