Drury Lane Wedding // Sarah + Zach


August 28, 2017

Sarah and Zach had their wedding reception at Drury Lane and wow, was it an awesome party. The band was amazing and everyone had an absolute blast!

They are so incredibly easy going and fun to be around. One thing which came up over and over at their wedding was the aspect of family and how close everyone was. Both sides have incredibly strong bonds and you could see it instantly.

Before the reception at Drury Lane started we visited a forest preserve for photos and explored some of the immediate area around Drury Lane for bride and groom portraits. Zach is a designer by trade so it was important to create photos which were unique and creative.

Here’s some of my favs from their wedding at Drury Lane! Cheers!

One of my all time fav photos is the one with the giant shadow on the grass and Sarah and Zach in the middle. That photo was particularly hard to create because it’s in the middle of the Drury Lane parking lot. But I really wanted to create something unique with the landscape that was available – as I always try to do. At the end of the day I think we created some amazing Drury Lane wedding photos. 🙂


Wedding portraits are one of the most important aspects of your wedding day. I want you to look elegant, lovely, regal and loved. We'll capture all this in a non-cheesy or boring way.