Ivy Room Wedding // Audrey + Tyler


I love being a Chicago wedding photographer, because you honestly never know what will be thrown your way. It was drizzling for this wedding and we ended up bumping into an anti-Trump protest right next to one of our photo spots. Streets were closed, with massive police presence. You could cut the tension with a knife. Despite all the logistical challenges it was an awesome day and everyone had a blast.

The Ivy Room is a really awesome place to have your wedding reception. Beautiful decor, moody ambiance and a killer vibe – this wedding had it all. Even the band had an awesome name, Stache – they rocked it!

Obviously Audrey and Tyler looked stunning at their wedding – everything was awesome. Even the anti-Trump protest didn’t slow us down too much. What stood out to me quite a bit was the Audrey and Tyler’s family. Both families were incredibly warm and welcoming. I even got to chat for a few minutes with Audrey’s grandma who came from Poland a few nights ago. Babcia Kazia was such a lovely person to be around. A working lawyer in her 80s and still absolutely kicking ass. A very inspirational woman! Cheers to her!

Also worth noting is the fact that 1/2 of their ceremony was in Polish – which was wonderful to hear as I don’t get to hear my native language very often when shooting weddings. Beautiful ceremony, beautiful ception, beautiful couple! Cheers!

Anyway, enough chatting – check out the photos from Audrey and Tyler’s amazing wedding at the Ivy Room.

Check out the amazing wedding teaser from Red + Olive too!


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