Jackie + Raj // Chicago Wedding Photography at Floating World Gallery


May 27, 2016

Funny, sincere, authentic, genius. Just a few words that describe Jackie and Raj. Here’s a sneak peak at a few photos from their wedding at the Floating World Gallery in Chicago. Cheers!

01 get married 02 drinks 03 getting dressed 04 getting the dress 05 pengwins 06 bride getting into dress 07 bridal zip up 08 head 09 prep at gallery 10 floating wrorld gallery 11 details at venue 12 awesome venue trees 13 cool sign 14 awesome paingint 15 groom at first look waiting 16 first look with bride 17 bride at first look 18 first look 19 details 20 best first look 21 barat dancing 22 barat in the streets 23 dancing with sister 24 mother of the groom 25 groom dancing duing barat 26 mother of bride dancing 27 broom and friends 29 barat dancing 30 ceremony 31 doggie has rings 32 ceremony photos at chicago wedding 33 science stuff 34 elephant toothpaste 35 seven steps ritual 36 happy bride and groom at chicago wedding 37 chicago wedding photographer 37-1 black and white groom portrait 37-2 black and white bride portrait 38 best chicago weddin gphotos 38-1 bride portraits during wedding 39 fun wedding photos in chicago 40 bridal party photos 41 best bridal party photos 42 bride and groom photos 44 best bride and groom photos 45 chicago wedding photography 46 bridesmaids only 47 bridal party with bridesmaids 47 silly bridal party 49 bridal party with flowers 50 bride and groom at floating world gallery 51 black and white at gallery 51 bride portraits with groom in park 53 epic groom portraits 55 bride and groom catching nuts 56 more nuts 57 ring 58 first dance 59 first dance at wedding 60 epic mustache 61 funny faces 62 memories 63 horsie back ride 64 cool portrait 65 having fun 66 dancing at reception 67 bride dnacing 68 emotions at wedding 69 best dancing 70 bride and groom dancing 71 ganghdam style 71 shots shots shots 100 end of night photo


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