Mandy + Mike // Stouts Island Lodge Wedding Photographers


October 30, 2015

If there is one word to describe Mandy and Mike, it’s timeless. Their relationship, they way they treat others, their outlook on the world and their wedding – all timeless. I was lucky enough to document their incredible wedding on Stout’s Island in Wisconsin. I hope you enjoy viewing the photos as much as we did creating them – it was truly an amazing day! Cheers!

01 stouts island from the water 02 stouts island dock 03-stouts-island-flare 04 stouts island main lodge 06 stouts island bell tower 07 stouts island lodge 08 stouts island indoors 10-stouts-island-lodge-flag 12 epic horns 13 adventure 14-directions-sign 16 ceremony is ready 17 alter and ceremony view 18 bride and hair 19-brides-dress 20 bridal dress outdoors 22 bridal room 22 groom putting on tie 23 playing pool 24 groomsmen ready 25 bride writing letter 26 groom writing letter 27 bride reading letter 28 groom reading letter 29-bridesmaids-looking 31 epics grooms gift 32 bride in hallway 33 bride putting dress on 34 bride getting ready 35 bride and mom 36 groom in a boat 37 first look with dad 38 bride and dad 39-bride 41 bride at stouts lodge 42-awesome-ring-barer 44 here comes the bride 45 groom sees bride 46 bridesmaids see bride 47 bride and father comind down the isle 48 black and white of bride coming down the isle 49 ceremony from a tree 50 groom with tears 51 first kiss on stouts island 52-first-kiss-of-bride-and-groom 54 bride and groom married 55 toast 56 spilled beer 57-bride-and-bridesmaids 59 groom with brothers 60 bridal party 61 bridal party fun black and white 62 stouts island wedding 63 stouts island wedding photos 64 bride and groom relaxing 65 bridal portraits at stouts island 66 silhouette on stouts island 67 bride and groom in a boat 68 out of focus 69 stouts island wedding photography.jpg 70 bridal photos on stouts island 71 happy bride and groom portrait 72 creative bridal portraits 73 best stouts island wedding photographer 74 bridal portraits 75 creative black and white bridal photos 76 bride and groom swinging 77 black and white bridal photos 78 bride and groom wedding photos 79 stouts lodge indoor wedding photos 80 stouts island indoor wedding portraits 81 unique wedding photos 82 bride and groom enterance 83 reception enterance 84 best men speech 85-bride-and-groom-laughing 87 maid of honor speech 88 maid of honor speech again 89 father of the bride speech 90 bride and groom speech 91 fun nephew 92 funny groom 93 first dance with bride and groom 94 first dance 95 first dance in black and white 96 groom and mother dance 97 bride and father dance 98 she cant believe it 99 groom laughing 100 best father daughter dance 103 grooms mom partying 104 girls 105 epic tent and stars 106 funny guy 108-have-a-drink 109 best reception photography 110 grandma dancing 112-bust-a-move 113 happy 114 arms up 115 wizard hat at wedding 116 shake your butt 117 great reception photos 118 fun wedding reception 119 bride partying 120-sparkler-exit 123 best sparkler exit photos


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