Chicago Wedding Photographer

Downtown Chicago Wedding Photography // Mandy + Tim


Tim and Mandy had an absolutely amazing wedding. I am honored to have been their wedding photographer. Congrats to Mandy + Tim & enjoy the photos! Also, be sure to check out their engagement photos here

01 hotel room 02 bridal shoe 03 wedding dress 04-wedding-earings 05 cell phone 05-1 bow on dress 07 wedding dress 08 wedding dress in chicago 09 bridal hair 10-hair-again 13 girls with dresses 14 talking on camera 15 family laughing 16 getting dressed 17-putting-on-wedding-dress 18 bride in dress 18-bride-jumping 19-1 bride with veil 19-2 bride and sister crying 20-gorgeous-bride 21 silly bride getting ready 22 sister crying 22-1-bride-and-nieces 23 bride putting on vail 23-2-bride-flowers 24-1 groom getting ready 24-2 groom and father 24-3-groom-portrait-indoors 24-5 groom portrait looking great 25 waiting to start 25-wedding-program 26 groom waiting for bride 27 black and white with phone 28-bride-coming-down-the-isle 29 bride escorted by her father 30-bride-at-the-alter-with-father 32 bride and groom at the alter 33 wedding at the alter 34-church-wide-shot 35 parents of bride 36 maid of honor 37 fun tilt shift wedding 38 tilt shift black and white of wedding 39-exchanging-vows 40 happy couple married 41 happy couple fist kiss 42 happy couple first kiss in color 43 just married 44 married and coming down the isle 45-happy-bride-and-groom 45-1 bride and groom just married 46-coming-out-of-church 48 happy bride and groom at church 48-1 salt details 49 table place cards 50-guest-book 51 cake and ipad 55-osteria-enterance 57 cutting the cake 58 cut cake 59 happy couple eating cake 60-1 photo of photo 60-first-dance 61-1 speech 62 father daughter dance 63-crying-during-dancing 65 second first dance 66-bouquet-toss 68 bride and nephew 70 bride and groom holding love 71-father-of-bride-dancing 74-bride-and-dress 75 bride dancing 76 bride daincing with groom 100 bride and groom at millenium park 101 bride and groom portrait with dramatic sky 102-2 bride and groom in chicago 102-broom-and-sky 103-bride-and-groom-in-park 104 bride and groom jumping 105 bride and groom playing baseball 105-1 bride throwing ball 106-bride-and-groom-portrait-hugging 107 groom diving for ball


Wedding portraits are one of the most important aspects of your wedding day. I want you to look elegant, lovely, regal and loved. We'll capture all this in a non-cheesy or boring way.