Megan + Jon // Orpheum Wedding Photography in Madison


August 26, 2016

In the presence of their closest family and friends, Megan and Jon celebrated their epic wedding at the Orpheum in Madison, Wisconsin. I hope you enjoy these photos as much as we did making them!

01 madison capital buildling 03-madison-concord-hotel 04 madison concord staircase 06 gift tote 07 wedding dress photos 08 wedding dreass and tux 09-groom-dressing 10 groom in mirror 11 bride and groom getting ready for a wedding 12-groom-zipping-up-brides-dress 14 bride getting dressed 15 groom dressing bride before wedding 15-1 bride and groom almost ready 15-2 bride in mirror 16 gifts for bride and groom 17 bride opening gifts 18 best bride gift from groom 19-bride-opening-bigger-figt 21 groom opening his gift 22 groom reading card 23-groom-opening-gift-from-bride 25 bride and groom kiss after figts 26 bride and groom hotel portrait 26-1 bride and groom walking 26-2-bride-putting-on-glasses 27 bride and groom madison capital building portrait 28 bride and groom 29 bride and groom holding hands 30 bride and groom in madison capital building 31 madison capital building portraits 32 bridal portraits in madison wisconsin 33-bride-and-groom-portraits-in-garden 34-1 best bridal portraits in madison wisconsin 35 bride and groom walking together through park 36 bridal portraits 37 epic tree with bride and groom 38-bride-and-groom-sittin-gholding-hands 40 bride and groom walking through garden 41 bridal portraits in garden 41-1 plaza tavern in madison 42-plaza-tavern-madison-wi 44 guests at plaza tavern 45 having fun at plaza tavern 46 at plaza tavern 47 guests at plaza tavern 48 table hockey at plaza tavern 49 madison orpheum 50-details-at-reception 52 personal details at orpheum 53 cool headbands 54 orpheum wedding 55 wedding details at orpheum 56-more-wedding-details 58 epic wedding details at orpheum in madison 58-1 painter at orpheum 58-2 painter at orpheum 59 band at wedding 60-bride-and-groom-coming-down 62 bride and groom entering reception 63 groom giving thanks 64 toasts 65 toasts 66 bride and groom first dance 67-bride-first-dance 69 bride and grom first dance 70 painting almost done 71 dancing 71 silly people 71-fun-times 72 friends 72 groom leading conga line 73 epic conga 74-dancing 76 dancing 77 group of people 78 laughing 79 everyone 80 portraits in orpheum 81 bridal portraits at orpheum madison wisconsin 82-together 85 portraits at orpheum 86 black and white portraits of bride and groom 87 bridal portraits in maidson wisconsin 88 bridal portraits at orpheum wisconsin 89 bride and groom creative portraits in madison


Wedding portraits are one of the most important aspects of your wedding day. I want you to look elegant, lovely, regal and loved. We'll capture all this in a non-cheesy or boring way.