Salvage One Wedding // Pearl + Ken


August 6, 2018

I know most photographers rave about how wonderful their couples are – but Pearl and Ken are different. They have the biggest hearts, the kindest souls and an amazing appreciation for all things weird. That’s why they had their wedding at Salvage One.

Salvage One is a a massive, three story artifact and antique shop – in fact I purchased an antique typewriter while shooting their wedding (because I wanted to, OK!!?) Aside from selling small to massive sized artifacts and antiques, Salvage One also hosts weddings – and what an incredible venue – fitting perfectly for this couple. As you’ll see in the photos.

We all know how blessed we are to know Pearl but I want to show you how amazing Pearl and Ken are as a couple (story time). Pearl and Ken planned on giving me a sizable tip the day of the wedding – when I opened the envelope and saw how much it was I gave it back and asked them to donate to a fund for a little girl who attends my son’s school and became very sick. (she’s still fighting for her life, please donate if you can here). When I asked them to donate the tip they were going to give me, without any hesitation they doubled their donation!!! Can you believe that? How incredible – no words can describe how kind Pearl and Kenny are. They deserve all the best in the world – cheers to them!

Here’s a few of my favorite photos from their Salvage One wedding in Chicago. I hope you enjoy viewing them because we did making them!


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