About Peter Gubernat Photography

i’m a storyteller & craftsman

Let’s be honest for a minute. Let’s set aside all the fru fru, the champagne drinking, the outdated notions that your parents or bestie told you about weddings and let’s be honest with each other. My photos are worth the investment. I don’t see myself as very commercial. If you have real passion and want to remember how loved you were on your wedding day than please get in touch. But if you look at wedding photography as a formality just close the door.

I am here for the couples who want something more than just a pretty photos. For couples who want a great story of their love and friendship, I offer you my passion.

Your wedding day is chance for me to capture something that will never, ever be repeated again in that place with those same people. If you’re excited about idea of having epic portraits that are a mix of art and and moments, then I am here for you. If smiling photos of your friends and family make you smile, because you want to feel the joy they felt, then I am here for you.

This is my passion
This is the way I see your wedding day

I am driven by passion, and want to work with people who are driven by passion

a few things to know:

  1. I will give you more than just pretty photos – I’ll give you photos you’ll want to print and put on your wall.
  2. My photos are a mix of art and moments – a story
  3. There’s more to photographing a wedding than taking photos – there’s managing timelines, wrangling bridal party members, telling limo drivers where to go (because they never seem to know), making sure you eat/drink throughout the day
  4. I am your greatest asset on your wedding day – because chances are no one at your wedding has done this as many times as I have
  5. I do my damndest to give you a worry-free wedding experience
  6. Trust and relationship are key to the way I work
  7. This is a collaboration, not a job for hire

Epic portraits and amazing moments form the ideal story – the story of your wedding. If that’s what you want and you’re ready to trust with the most important day of your life, then commission me for your wedding. No bride has ever regretted hiring me, and I have the reviews to prove it here, here and here.


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What couples say…

Thank you for sending these along, Sarah and I could not be more happy with the pictures. We’ve begun to share them with our family and friends with the same amazing reviews. The way you captured the day, the moments, and the energy is amazing. We could not be happier and will cherish these photos for life. We are so happy we chose you to be our photographer. We will definitely make sure to tag you in anything we share and will recommend you to any friends in the Chicago area. Thank you again for everything, and for being so great to work with it!Zach & Sarah (click to see their wedding)