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Being married myself, I understand how difficult and stressful planning a wedding is. I’m here to say that we’ve got your back. I’m also a guy – and I know that the last thing most guys want is to be photographed for 8 hours straight. Most guys dread doing engagement photos – I get it and I’m here to make things easier for you.

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I never had any formal training in photography – I took one class in college as an elective. We photographed dead fish on our first day – yeah, pretty gross. I never went back to that class and continued my education in web development and design

When my first son was born, I purchased an expensive camera and discovered I really liked photographing people and started to photograph fashion and models. I said I would never get into weddings – they were cheesy and boring. One of my real early fashion shoots made it onto a magazine cover and as thrilled as I was, the shoot ended up costing me much more than I earned. Not wanting to give up photography, I said I would give wedding photography a try – but not the boring old fashioned way. A different way, a better way.


I decided I would tell stories of weddings. I photographed everything on wedding days, from the patterns on the walls to the details on the chair, every single thing that the bride and groom would not pay attention to became important to me. Because who remembers what the pattern on the walls was? Then came the moments, the moments of laughter and joy. Those moments became so important not because of what they were but because of how they came about – those moments were caused by decades of friendship and love – and that’s worth remembering.


From the first wedding I ever shot, it became very clear to me that I needed to have amazing relationships with my couples – to make them feel comfortable and to make it fun for me. I started investing a lot in those relationships and that quickly became the cornerstone of my work. I wanted my clients to feel like a life-long friend was photographing their wedding. I certainly didn’t want to be a stranger pointing a camera in their face. Having great relationships with couples is incredibly important.


Weddings are the best form of photography in my opinion because they require a lot of very different skillsets throughout the day. You need someone who understands posing, light patterns, complex gear, when to lead and when to document. I love all the responsibility and how my couple trust me entirely to do what I do. This trust drives me to find the perfect balance between creative experimentation and honest documentation.

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I understand – planning a wedding is overwhelming, stressful and exhausting. I’m married myself so I know your time is precious and you want to make the best choices – there are no do-overs.

If you hire me:

All of the important people in your life and the moments on your wedding day will be captured. You wont’t have to worry about a thing. No wondering if we know what to do – because we do. You’ll have piece of mind knowing that we got it all!

All of the time and money you pour into this all-important event will prove to be well-spent and you’ll be reminded of how loved and cherished you are as you look through your photos for years to come.

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